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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Girl With a Big Smile...But Some Nasty Beats...Azealia Banks!

I'm trying to get back into introducing you guys into the best up and coming artists. I'm going to try to figure out a way to highlight unreal mixtapes and get back into writing reviews for albums (of course after my thesis is done. So let's get started on this rainy Saturday morning

There's this girl who's been blowing up on the internet and has become transcending into the mainstream with her magazine articles in GQ, XXL and the Source, to her performances at mainstay concerts like Coachella and SXSW. Her name...reppin' the 212...Azaelia Banks.

Originally Miss Bank$, coming out of New York raised by a single mother after her father passed away when she was 2, she began singing, dancing and acting at a young age. It wasn't until she was 18 when she dropped her first record, Gimme a Chance, in 2009 that she got signed to XL Records. Due to differing of opinions, nothing came out of that venture.

After leaving XL records, Miss Bank$ no longer existed. Azealia Banks moved to Montreal (what up!) and decided to join the YouTube generation by putting up her own produced stuff onto the internet. In the digital age, its hard to make it. But it was on here that Azaelia dropped what is pretty much the biggest breakthrough of her career, 212.


The track, produced by Diplo, blew the f*** up. Currently at over 11 million hits, its a joint dedicated to eating up the lady parts. It helps that the beat is ridiculous but Azealia began hitting mainstream success getting co-signs left and right, including Kanye West. Shortly after, Interscope Records signed her and its a wrap. Everyone wants to work with her...and success is only noticed when people start beefing and she's already got beef with cats in the game.

“People say, ‘You just got famous on YouTube.’
I’m like, ‘So? You didn’t get famous anywhere.’”

A known bi-sexual, the girl has no bounds as to what she wants to do. Just announced was the fact that she's signed with Lady Gaga's publicist. Known for her off the wall antics and the "I don't give a f***" demeanour, its going to take Azealia to new leaps and bounds. She's already in the studio with big names...Missy Elliott and her have most recently worked together. The world is her oyster, and she's ready to just start stomping around in it. With no major EP, mixtape or album...and singles that are just killing it right now...watch out for this girl to blow!

Friday, April 20, 2012

4/20 Double Dosages of the Marijuana Smoke!

Sitting in my room writing my thesis and all I can smell is Ganja smoke coming through my window. Gotta love T.O.

Download: Tha Dogg Pound - DPGC'ology (Mixtape)


Gangrene - Odditorium (EP)

Alchemist and Oh No get together again to drop this EP which features samples from Johnny Cash and Jim Morrison...RUN THIS!

Download: Gangrene - Odditorium (EP)

T.Shirt - Learn To Fly/Goldie

This one gets its own post since I really enjoy this dude. Freestyles off the dome!

Happy 4/20 Ladies and Gentlemen! The Drops for the Smoker's Haven!

4/20 for most individuals is just another day, but don't be surprised to smell an incessant amount of Ganja today. For me, its my dad's birthday...71 years old and still walks with his 20 year old swagger!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sorry for the Late Posts, But I Got a Thesis to Write

What's poppin? Now the next few weeks are going to be rough because my supervisor challenged me to get my thesis written up by May 10th...which is about 20 days from now. So I have to write everything so frankly I won't be spending too much time posting. Posts from here on out until I get some decent time will be done like this...sorry for the inconvenience but a homey needs to edumacate himself.





Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joe Budden - Going Thru The Motions

A bonus joint being dropped for his Mood Muzik box set...JOEY!

Illmaculate - Go Study ft. Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne and OnlyOne

The freestyling champ teams up with Strangeland!

Cam'ron - Love My Life

Continuing with the 30 days of Killa!

Ca$his - Tear Dropz and Closed Caskets (Remix) ft. Roccett and Slim The Mobster

Whole lot of unreal on one song

CyHi The Prynce - The Open Letter

The weed holder of G.O.O.D. Music with new visuals

Rita Ora - Party and Bull**** (Video)


Its actually called How We Do (Party) but I like the original title better

Ab-Soul - Pineal Gland (Video)


How many y'all know the Pineal Gland is the part of the brain that releases melatonin

Atmosphere - Became (Video)


Stu gon' like this one

L.E.P. Bogus Boys - Now or Neva (Video)


Goon music at its best

A Few Freestyles and Remixes To Get Your Tuesday Night Percolatin'

Nuff Said

You Jelly Brah? Mixtapes Got You Salty? Beanie Sigel, Wordsmith and JD Era!

Its getting nice outside...time to start letting everyone know what you bumping!

Download: Beanie Sigel - Broad Street Empire Vol. 1: Lost Files (Mxtape)

Download: JD Era - No Handouts (Mxtape)

Download: Wordsmith - Prelude to the King (Mxtape)

Kevin McCall - Naked ft. Big Sean

Nice joint...

Nas - Another Black Girl Lost


B.o.B. - So Hard to Breathe


The B.o.B. album dropping May 1st is going to be a problem!

A$AP Rocky - Goldie

I be that young pretty Flocko

Cam'ron - Titty Attack and Tears ft. Sen City

Cam'ron is dropping a new track, every day, for the next 30 days. BALLIN'!

Michael Francis - Don't Wake Me Up

This is how I feel almost every day...

Fred The Godson - Monique's Room (Video)


Theophilus London - All Around the World (Video)


get travellin'

Gunplay - Stay Schemin' Freestyle (Video)


Gunplay don't play...

Homeboy Sandman - Hold Your Head (Video)


New ish from a new rapper

Major Lazer - Get Free ft. Amber Coffman (Video)


Get ready to hear this everywhere you go

Hasan Salaam - Miss America (Video)


The third single off of Hasan Salaam Music Is My Weapon project, “Miss America” addresses the harsh realities of the past and the present actions and policies of the United States. The video depicts how apathy and lack of action by the masses allows these modern day injustices to exist. It is our duty to not stand by and remain silent. Change begins with us.

The Niceguys - Overtoast (Video)

No one likes over toast...

Rick Ross - Ring Ring ft. Future (Video)


Off the Rich Forever mixtape

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chilidish Gambino Coachella Performance Alongside Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown (Video)


Absolutely unreal! YESSSS I lost it when I saw Kendrick...and then Danny came on and I shat myself at lyricism at its best!

2Pac Performance at Coachella (Video)


When I heard that the hologram of 2Pac was going to perform at Coachella...my initial thought was, that's stupid.

Then I saw it...whoa...